Smart Device​

Why Smart Retrofit Devices

No rewiringEasy Installations by trained professionalsCompatible with your existing appliancesSyncs with your physical switches

Fits into existing homes

Syncs with physical switches

Easy to install

The switchboard module fits behind your existing switchboard panel, without altering your electrical wiring or the interior décor.You can use either the Smart Phone app or physical switches & when you use your physical switch it’s reflected in the Smart Phone as well.Open switchboard panel, install Retrofit module, close panel. It takes ~30 minutes to install, you could probably do it yourself.

Start small extend later

Simultaneous multi-access

Affordable & saves energy

The Whole system is wireless & modular so you can start off with one room & extend it to other rooms later as and when you feel like.Our Retrofit Automation system can be accessed from multiple devices, by multiple users, across multiple locations, simultaneously. So the entire family gets access on their own devices, wherever they are.The Whole System is easy on your budget with no recurring costs. Features such as auto cut off help you save energy while adding convenience.

Gateway and Insert Switchboard Module

The whole system comprises of two components, a sleek pentagonal-shaped unit called Gateway or Brain of the system which goes on your wall accompanied by insert Switchboard Modules which sit behind your existing switchboards. The switchboard module enables your appliances to communicate with the Brain of the system, which acts as a connectivity hub, letting you control your appliances through the Smart phone app.



Your Home learns from your needs and will automatically take care of the climate & light settings.

Set up and customise moods with our mobile application and instantly add a new dimension to your homes. After all home is not just a place, it’s a feeling.
Set a timer on all your electrical appliances and save on your monthly bills. Control and schedule your devices like geyser or an air-conditioner.
Our intelligent system tracks real-time data of temperature & humidity and it helps your system in climate control.
Our system learns your patterns and automatically sets the lighting ambience the way you prefer it.