Smartlyfe App

Seamless User Experience

The app windows easily switches between home, switches and remote tabs to enable an effortless user experience.

Power Tracking Tab

The power tracking tab on the home dashboards displays your hourly and daily power consumption in real time.

Set Schedules & Routines

Set your appliances to power on/off at preset timings, create routines for a set of appliances so they can operate in sync without manual operation.

Lock Room Capability

This feature lets the user lock any room in the house via the app, so that he’ll be notified of any intrusion immediately.

Option to share home access

Share your smart home app access with all other members of your home


Customize your appliances to create theme based scenes for you whenever you want them to. Ex: evening scene, birthday scene etc.


Let your appliances make intelligent decisions based on their surroundings. Ex: Your AC automatically switches on when the room temperature reaches 30 degree Celsius.

Create auto-turn off timers

Set timers on your appliances so they only work for the required duration.


Use your app as a substitute remote for all your physical IR remotes. Create custom remotes and default remotes

Inapp Entertainment Guide

Access your TV guide inside your app. Set favorites, reminders, access streaming links on your favorite channels and programs.